Service center

Service center

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Address: Petukhova ulitsa, 67 k8

Phone: (383) 315-00-00

We do not advertise our service center - we only try to do our job good!

Our proficient admins can determine the period of repairing and estimate a cost. Our regular customers can get deferment payment for job or repair parts. Our team members are proficient and has already wait you with set of tools ready to help. Store personnel would bring repair parts and consumable products immediately. While you are waiting the ending works, you can relax in a clean, bright room for customers.

Sign up for repairs by phone 315-00-00.

We have been doing our job professionally for 5 years and we give a guarantee for our jobs and products.

If you have any questions about the topic of your car, you can go to forum

Look at the prices for services
Название Цена
1 Замена рулевой трапеции в сборе
2 Замена тормозной жидкости
3 Замена прокладки поддона картера
4 Замена масла в двигателе


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